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put some pants on ladies

Leggings are not pants. Tights are not pants. Jeggings aren’t pants. Yoga pants aren’t pants…unless you’re practicing yoga at that moment. (Don’t argue me on this – a swimsuit isn’t proper attire at the grocery store just because you’re on your way home from Barton Springs.)  Let’s see,…stockings aren’t pants. Pantyhose aren’t pants either. (You never know these days.) Obviously (to me), wearing only your socks wouldn’t count as pants, so along that same vein, shorts that are a couple centimeters longer than your underwear are not pants.

Now look, I don’t want to tell other people how to dress (yes I do), and I know different people, cultures, subsects, what have you, have different reasons for wearing what they do, but look around ladies – men aren’t trying to pass off a layer of fabric so thin that your skin might be growing over it at this very moment as pants. In fact, many of the men I notice (when I’m not blinded by the sight of someone who for a split second I’m sure came to Starbucks in only a shirt and UGG boots) wear pants that are so baggy they could rival the forever lazy in unattractiveness.

So, until the whole world decides to come together and walk around naked, or men start dressing like Mr. Darcy (and just in general being Mr. Darcy), please, please, please ladies…put your pants on.


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