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rollin’ with my homies

Tamales! We were rollin’ tamales this past weekend at the Second Annual Vaszquezes Teach Mattinglys How to Make Tamales Weekend. It’s turning into a day of tamale making, friends visiting, and family time overindulging. It was wonderful. My family is really doing well with positive and tear-free get-togethers. Either we’re entering a new awesome phase of our collective lives, or Christmas will be the long overdue disaster. (Everyone cross your fingers!)

Now, I would tell you how to make tamales except a) I don’t pay that much attention, b) it’s too complicated, and c) it involves boiling a pig’s face. I always skip that last part. Mmmm pork tamales. mixin masa

smearing masa

masa hands

masa on conhusk

tamale teamwork

tamale with meat

masa smearing

tamales ready

Guess what you do when you’re finished making them? You sit around and eat them until you think you’re going to burst. Then you start making some more.


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birthdays and common ground

Yesterday was sister M’s birthday and a week ago was my brother’s birthday. Everyone’s getting older. I guess that’s the way it goes. I’ve gotten older enough times now that birthdays make me think back to the good ole days. Here we are back when adulthood seemed so exciting and so elusive.

I’ll let  you guess as to wether our sibling dynamic has changed much since then. I’d like to think we’ve all evolved (at least a little). As for me, all I can say is that I’ve learned to not wear denim on denim, and that’s a fashion pinnacle some people never reach. (Why must I learn all my lessons the hard way?)

It’s no secret that my siblings and I differ in all the ways that four people can possibly differ. Sometimes it seems that the only thing we can agree on is that we can’t agree on anything. But in the spirit of unity and harmony, I like to focus on the things we do have in common.

1. We make things from scratch.

2. We explore music.

3. We watch Arrested Development.

4. We camp.

5. We read books.

6. We watch home movies so much that we quote them.

7. We like to watch TV at our parents’ house. (Why is it better there?)

8. We prefer that someone other than Rick Perry be the next president.

Now, I’m not kidding – this is a list that I keep in the forefront of my mind. I do this conciously because when I think about those things, our differences seem insignificant. Tedious little things like religious preferences, political affiliations or feminist viewpoints – anyone can argue over those. But if one us didn’t see the humor in Buster’s hand being eaten by a loose seal in a bowtie, well….we’d have a big problem. And, there would probably be less hugs.

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