here’s a thought…

Why is it perfectly (socially) acceptable to devote immense amounts of your time, energy, money, emotions and life to following football (or any other sport, for that matter), but following celebrity gossip is a tacky, idle pursuit? In both cases, unless you’re actually the player or the celebrity, you’re never more than a spectator….


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i’m still makin’ stuff!

Actually, not so much. I’ve got a couple problems. (I meant craft related problems guys, geez.) First of all, I’m a little burned out. I was really motivated when I had just moved into my apartment, but now I feel pretty settled. Actually, I think the place is looking pretty cute. But all that makin’ stuff has left me out of ideas. 

Segundo problemo is I am workin’ on some things, but they’re Christmas gifts so I can’t go postin’ them on the internets. I’m sure something weird and crafty will come to me soon.

Anyway, today I did make some stuff. Rather, I cooked some stuff. Slllooowwwwlllyyyy. Apparently I am a slow, messy cook, and I can only do one thing at a time. This all came to light tonight. In fact, I still have something in the oven that I’m angrily checking every 5 minutes in hopes that it’s done and I can go to bed. So I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to be a dinner-party-hostess-lady, but I make a swell guest! (just sayin)

Tomorrow afternoon I’m heading over to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving. So of course I did that thing that you’re never supposed to do because I’m that kind of person: I cooked three things that I’ve never cooked before.

1. Sausage/Cheese Balls. I accidentally made what felt like a billion because the cute meat dude at Sprouts threw some extra on top of what I ordered. I’ll invite you all to our wedding!

2. Baked Macaroni & Cheese. I just can’t show you this picture because I’m a terrible photographer and it looks really unappetizing (in the picture, not in real life) and I’m hoping the three people that are reading this will eat it tomorrow.

3. Gingerbread – partly because I love the way it smells, mostly because my grandma loves it.

If you’re thinking it would look fabulous with some powdered sugar on top, then I’m with you! Tomorrow, friends.

BY THE WAY, my never ending rag rug that I will never finish is coming along:

tshirt rug
Poor Jack thinks this is his bed now since I make him take pictures on it. Poor kid, I’m always having to teach him about disappointments.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I hope you all surround yourselves with those that you love and give some of your time to those that love you.

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i can’t stop listening to…

Christmas music! This is where you learn that I’m one of those kinds of people. As my speakers are telling me right now…”It’s the best time of year.”

But, I recognize that not everyone shares my passion, so I won’t subject you to Christmas music. Yet.

Actually I’ve been really lax on music listening and totally sapped of creative inspiration lately. I don’t really know where my time has gone. I’m hoping to get back to normal next week (fingers crossed!).  So I’ll just leave you with one of my all time favorite songs.


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oh now i get it

I’ve been known to get on my high-horse from time to time. Soapbox too. I have opinions! And, your opinions are good too. They are. And they’re cute! But really…let’s all just listen to MY opinions.

Yea that’s me. I do that. Not on purpose! (ahem, please) But, I do that and I hate it. I do that and then I replay the conversation or facial expression over and over in my head until I’ve boiled it down to an interaction where one person opens their mouth to speak and I pummel them with my giant, suffocating, cartoon thought bubbles. Then the regret kicks in.

Because I don’t mean to be that…let’s say…forceful with the things I believe in. I really don’t. All those that have foregone my friendship probably wouldn’t believe me, but deep down, I’m really quite understanding. I try to see it from other people’s perspectives. I work really hard to consider what everyone within earshot might be thinking, feeling, interpreting, comprehending, misunderstanding and/or believing. And what in their lives led them to this point of disagreement? What experiences have they had that have formed their value system? How might my words be affecting or offending them? I think all of these (and more) during my conversations. It’s quite exhausting. Now that I think about it, I probably just get tired and shovel my opinion quickly on top of the other person without listening at all.

All of this to say that the thing I get on my high horse and then climb atop my soapbox the most for is television. Oh the disdain I have for television, don’t even get me started! The commercials! The blank stares! The wasted time! The terrible, awful, uncreative, regurgitated, insulting programming!

So for years, I have refused to pay for cable. I’ll rent a series on dvd when I want to watch it (sans-commercials), but I don’t have that instantaneous turn on the TV and stare at something option. Which is fine by me! YEA! I don’t need TV! I read books and stuff. I make things. YEA!

But see, I started a new job last week. Everything is different. Rather, it’s different from my old job. In fact, it’s very normal. And there’s something about getting up early, sitting in traffic all morning (and all evening!) and wearing shoes that give me blisters. Something about coming home with eyes tired from reading. Something about 8:00 – 5:00 that makes me want to sit and stare at anything on TV when I get home.

Spurned by my own high-horse. I guess it serves me right…

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This past weekend slash early this week I finished up these pillows that I have been wanting to work on for a while. You might remember I picked up the shirts and ties at Goodwill (for more than I wanted to spend).

blue manpillow

green manpillow

I call them manpillows! I have made pillows similar to this before, but I added the ties this time. For fun, you know. 

Here is how to make your very own manpillow (if you need convincing, let me tell you – they’re great for snuggling):

1. Cut the sleeves and arms off of your button-down shirt.

manpillow step 1

2. Sew down the middle and leave a hole to flip the pillow later. This way your inevitable strip that you have to stitch up at the end will be hidden from view (by the tie). Then I removed all the buttons – I might need them later.

manpillow step 2

 3. Sew on the tie to hold it in place. I didn’t realize until the second pillow that I could have just pinned the tie down and sewn it with the perimeter, but…better safe than sorry.

manpillow step 3

4. Measure equal distrance from the center on each side, mark your sides, and pin. This is only important if you care about precision. If you want a willy-nilly-free-form pillow, then by all means, just skip this step and go for it. Be sure to pin your pillow (and sew it) with the wrong sides facing each other. Don’t skip that one.

manpillow step 4

5. Sew and trim the edges. Then, of course, flip right side out through that hole you left originally.

manpillow step 5

6. Stuff, stitch up  the hole and stitch your tie down. Voila. OH, I also made a little knot in my tie at the last minute.

manpillow finished

And now I’m exhausted. I’m having a bit of a crazy, tiring week. I have way too many things bouncing around my head right now. If I can make any of them sound interesting, I’ll fill y’all in.

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Well everyone’s doin’ it and so I am too. I headed over to East Austin Succulents this weekend to get some succulents to liven up my home. I’m not sure if I potted them correctly (actually, I’m fairly certain I did something wrong), but they sure look nice. If they make it to Christmas I’ll consider it a success.

succulents arrangement

succulents 1

succulents 2

succulents 3

I put them in little pots from IKEA ($.79 each!) with holes punched in the bottom for drainage (according to the interwebs this is important).

You might notice errant leaves in the pots; I read (in my little research) that if you stick the leaves that fall off back in the soil they might grow a new plant. I’m all for that!

succulents arrangement 2

When I went to clean up the little mess I created, this is what I saw:

dirt heart
Call me silly, I don’t care. That made me smile.

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i can’t stop listening to…

I love Peter, Paul & Mary like I love hugs. They’re just a necessary part of life. I’ve been listening to this song lately because it gets me motivated to get moving. I don’t know why, it just does.

If you need a warning (and you know nothing about folk music) here it is – there are some references to a higher being. That’s just how folk music is.

Have a good weekend! I get to start mine with one of my best good friends. What’s better than that?

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