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and now the good christmas music

Ok, enough negativity! Here are my favorite Christmas songs. But this is very important: I really only like these songs when sung by these artists. The combination is essential. I guess Bing Crosby does an okay job with White Christmas, but anyone else singing All I Want for Christmas is You ruins it for me.

And for no particular reason other than it’s absolutely lovely, this has been my favorite for about 3 years now:

Now, I’ll admit, some of these songs I love pretty much only for nostalgia’s sake, some because they’re pretty, and some because I dig their message. But the best ones are the ones that remind me of being a kid at my parents’ house at Christmas, which was always magical. Even if it ever felt like we didn’t get a lot, I always knew that we had a lot.

Do you have an absolute favorite?


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i want to talk about bad christmas music

Everyone has an opinion about Christmas music, ranging from “I love it all! All year long!” to “I hate it all. All year long.” I fall somewhere in between…well, I’m pretty close to the former. Ok, the truth is, if you didn’t know, I love Christmas music and I start listening to it ridiculously (fanatically) early.

But that doesn’t mean I like all Christmas music. Don’t misunderstand me – I’m not trying to say that I like some Christmas songs more than others. I want to be clear: there are some Christmas songs that they need to stop playing. Forever. For-ev-er.

Disclaimer – I hope to not offend here, because I know people have very strong feelings about their Christmas music and would hate to read someone else say that it makes their ears bleed. So if you have those tendencies, watch out.

Here are what I believe to comprise the absolute worst Christmas music. They also happen to be the ones the radio stations play maybe 75% of the time. Oh this frustrating world we live in.

1. Anything sung by Michael Buble, Gloria Estefan, the cast of Glee or anyone who’s ever participated in American Idol. Or by a Springsteen or a Mellencamp. Or by dogs barking. Yep, that’s all going in the same category.

2. Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime and Step Into Christmas.  As much as I love and respect Paul McCartney and Elton John it’s just too antithetical for me to hear them sing about Christmas and how totally fun it is.

3. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause. Honestly, I didn’t know until I was into my 20s that this song is actually about a kid seeing his dad in a Santa Clause costume. I was in college before I realized it wasn’t actually about Mommy getting it on with Santa while Dad while sleeping. That being said, I find this song totally creepy. Just hearing someone singing repeatedly about their Mommy kissing anyone is weird to me. Like Freudian Oedipal weird.

4. Anything having to do with a Peanuts movie. No disrespect to Mr. Schulz, but the songs sound like funeral music.

5. Mary Did You Know by anyone who sings it. This song also has a depressing tone to me on top of which (if memory serves correctly) she did know. The angel told her. So stop asking.

6. Same Old Lang Syne by Dan Fogelberg. Just sad. I’m sad just thinking about how sad this song is.

7. Where Are You Christmas? by Faith Hill. I hate this song. How can you have a Christmas song about Christmas that’s only played during the Christmas season that says “Where are you Christmas? Why can’t I find you?” I think I would find this song acceptable if they played it in April (and someone else sang it).

8. Santa Baby, though it’s more bearable when sung by Eartha Kitt. I’m going to categorize this one as creepy too. I don’t really appreciate anyone trying to sexify Christmas.

9. Baby It’s Cold Outside. Y’all are probably all going to think I’m overanalyzing, but the man in this song is way too pushy and the woman is irritatingly coy. The most disturbing lines of this song include, as sung by the woman, “the answer is no” and “hey,…what’s in this drink.” I wish she’d just make up her mind and leave or shut up and stay. His responses to her pleas to leave include “what’s the sense in hurting my pride?” and “how could you do this thing to me?” And, appallingly, one stanza ends with her saying “I ought to say no, no, no sir. At least I’m gonna say that I tried.” Harumph!

10. And I just can’t talk about Christmas music without giving homage to the absolute worst and most odious Christmas song ever written that I don’t think needs further explaining: Christmas Shoes.

One more thing: A Few of My Favorite Things is not a Christmas song. It has nothing to do with Christmas.

Did I leave any out? Which ones do you just absolutely despise?

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i can’t stop listening to…

Christmas music! This is where you learn that I’m one of those kinds of people. As my speakers are telling me right now…”It’s the best time of year.”

But, I recognize that not everyone shares my passion, so I won’t subject you to Christmas music. Yet.

Actually I’ve been really lax on music listening and totally sapped of creative inspiration lately. I don’t really know where my time has gone. I’m hoping to get back to normal next week (fingers crossed!).  So I’ll just leave you with one of my all time favorite songs.


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i can’t stop listening to…

I love Peter, Paul & Mary like I love hugs. They’re just a necessary part of life. I’ve been listening to this song lately because it gets me motivated to get moving. I don’t know why, it just does.

If you need a warning (and you know nothing about folk music) here it is – there are some references to a higher being. That’s just how folk music is.

Have a good weekend! I get to start mine with one of my best good friends. What’s better than that?

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i can’t stop listening to…

I love this song. It could be my all time favorite song ever (don’t hold me to that). I think I partly love it because it’s just so lovely and soothing. I think I also partly love it because it just happens to sound perfect for a wedding procession (I can’t help it!).  And I partly love it because when I listen to it I can still hear my old friends playing mandolin and guitar over the top of it in a spur of the moment jam sesssion that was beyond magical.

This video is not magical however, so  I would suggest hitting play and closing your eyes (fine…or not). I suppose that because one of the only lyrics in this song is “war is not the answer,” the only videos I could find (aside from this one) were fairly political and I WOULD NEVER DO THAT TO YOU GUYS. 


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i can’t stop listening to…

I love this group and will be loyal to them until I can’t hear music anymore. Many of their songs, including this one, transition from one sound to another so that you get to brush up against different moods in your 4 minutes.  Sometimes I listen to this particular song when I’m sad and sometimes I listen to it when I’m happy. I find it soberly uplifting. I couldn’t find an official video, so this will have to do.

Oh, and if you’re reading this and you’re my grandmother, please disregard their name, it’s an allusion. I promise.

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i can’t stop listening to…

I so love Mika because he’s one of the few artists I’ve stumbled upon on my very own, and that gives me a greater sense of ownership in my feelings regarding their music. His music is silly and upbeat and fun and I could always use more of all those things. 

Also, he (and his music) reminds me of someone I love who I never get to see anymore, so he makes me smile. Always go into the weekend with a smile.

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