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rollin’ with my homies

Tamales! We were rollin’ tamales this past weekend at the Second Annual Vaszquezes Teach Mattinglys How to Make Tamales Weekend. It’s turning into a day of tamale making, friends visiting, and family time overindulging. It was wonderful. My family is really doing well with positive and tear-free get-togethers. Either we’re entering a new awesome phase of our collective lives, or Christmas will be the long overdue disaster. (Everyone cross your fingers!)

Now, I would tell you how to make tamales except a) I don’t pay that much attention, b) it’s too complicated, and c) it involves boiling a pig’s face. I always skip that last part. Mmmm pork tamales. mixin masa

smearing masa

masa hands

masa on conhusk

tamale teamwork

tamale with meat

masa smearing

tamales ready

Guess what you do when you’re finished making them? You sit around and eat them until you think you’re going to burst. Then you start making some more.


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i’m still makin’ stuff!

Actually, not so much. I’ve got a couple problems. (I meant craft related problems guys, geez.) First of all, I’m a little burned out. I was really motivated when I had just moved into my apartment, but now I feel pretty settled. Actually, I think the place is looking pretty cute. But all that makin’ stuff has left me out of ideas. 

Segundo problemo is I am workin’ on some things, but they’re Christmas gifts so I can’t go postin’ them on the internets. I’m sure something weird and crafty will come to me soon.

Anyway, today I did make some stuff. Rather, I cooked some stuff. Slllooowwwwlllyyyy. Apparently I am a slow, messy cook, and I can only do one thing at a time. This all came to light tonight. In fact, I still have something in the oven that I’m angrily checking every 5 minutes in hopes that it’s done and I can go to bed. So I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to be a dinner-party-hostess-lady, but I make a swell guest! (just sayin)

Tomorrow afternoon I’m heading over to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving. So of course I did that thing that you’re never supposed to do because I’m that kind of person: I cooked three things that I’ve never cooked before.

1. Sausage/Cheese Balls. I accidentally made what felt like a billion because the cute meat dude at Sprouts threw some extra on top of what I ordered. I’ll invite you all to our wedding!

2. Baked Macaroni & Cheese. I just can’t show you this picture because I’m a terrible photographer and it looks really unappetizing (in the picture, not in real life) and I’m hoping the three people that are reading this will eat it tomorrow.

3. Gingerbread – partly because I love the way it smells, mostly because my grandma loves it.

If you’re thinking it would look fabulous with some powdered sugar on top, then I’m with you! Tomorrow, friends.

BY THE WAY, my never ending rag rug that I will never finish is coming along:

tshirt rug
Poor Jack thinks this is his bed now since I make him take pictures on it. Poor kid, I’m always having to teach him about disappointments.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I hope you all surround yourselves with those that you love and give some of your time to those that love you.

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help! i’m stuck at my parents’ house

I’ve been stuck here for most of this week and I’m just sick of it! SICK!

I’m mostly kidding, but I guess I have reached that point in adulthood where I’d just rather be in my home than anywhere else. Problem is….there’s no one there but Jack (and he’s a dog for pete’s sake). So I often find myself venturing out into the world (against my better judgment). This week I ventured out to my parents’ house in a flight of fury with Sister M. When she left early the next morning, I decided to stay behind, putting my need to get back to my home in the I’ll-Think-About-It-Later File.

Well here I am. Hangin’ out. Tappin’ my fingers on the table. Drinkin’ sodas. Goin’ to coffee with Grandma. Ok,…it’s not so bad.

Sister J (she lives really close to my parents…really close) and I took it upon ourselves to bake our way into fall last night.

banana bread
pumpkin pie
Then she and her husband carved a pumpkin. Watching them try to come up with a pattern was quite amusing. They’re pretty funny to watch (in the best way).

pumpkin carving

and this picture was candid...

texas pumpkin

Then, of course, we had to roast the seeds. Don’t tell me you don’t do that. I don’t want to know!

pumpkin seeds

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go watch as much TV as I can before I get kindly carted back to my humble home.




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i can’t stop listening to…

I love this group and will be loyal to them until I can’t hear music anymore. Many of their songs, including this one, transition from one sound to another so that you get to brush up against different moods in your 4 minutes.  Sometimes I listen to this particular song when I’m sad and sometimes I listen to it when I’m happy. I find it soberly uplifting. I couldn’t find an official video, so this will have to do.

Oh, and if you’re reading this and you’re my grandmother, please disregard their name, it’s an allusion. I promise.

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weekend recap: chicken IN waffles

I did it! I cooked the chicken and no one got violently ill. High-fives all around.

First of all I learned that you’re supposed to put egg in your frying batter. Whoops. The egg (apparently) keeps your deliciously flavored fried goodness from falling off your chicken.

if you look closely you can see yummy chicken with yummy batter falling off...

My sister wanted to try the chicken-and-waffles-on-a-stick, which was fun, but did unfortunately dry the chicken out.

When we got tired of workin’ so hard to put chicken on sticks we cut up the remaining chicken pieces, threw them on the waffle iron and poured the remaining batter on top. It actually turned out GREAT.

Oh, and as for that whole dipping thing, well my sister’s friend suggested simply putting red pepper flakes in our maple syrup. It was sweet, spicy and perfect.

I didn’t know it at the time, but I also made my new favorite thing in the whole world:  beet salad (recipe from The Neurotic Artisan). If you like beets, try this. If you don’t like beets, well try it anyway, maybe, if you don’t mind. It was delicious that night and then even more so the next day.

When I wasn’t cookin’ and movin’ stuff and elbowin’ folks out of my way at Wal-Mart when I knew better than to go there, I continued working on my rag rug.

By the way, it’s not supposed to look like this:

Or this:

But, the good news is that I’m figuring it out….and I’m almost finished!

I hope you all had productive and relaxing weekends.

And to those of you back in school….enjoy it while it lasts!

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