about this gal

hi there. HI! wow. thanks for comin over to my blog and double thanks for takin a second to read about me. how sweet are you! i’d offer you a cookie and a coffee, but…oh this is awkward. well you’re way over there. no, no i’ll get it. i’m getting it! i’m gettin up right now. on. my. way….just one sec. oh,…. no? are you sure? oh good, more for me then.

a blog about crafting? i know, i know. who doesn’t have a craft blog? well i guess i just really like to be creative and i thought it would be fun. when it stops being fun i think i’ll stop.

wait, stop crafting? are you serious? that’s not what i meant! i’ll craft forever! i’ll just stop puttin it on the internets and go back to writing about it in an old-fashioned journal. let’s hope it doesn’t come to that though, because i JUST taught my grandma how to use her email and so i’m pretty much guaranteed one reader.


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