and now the good christmas music

Ok, enough negativity! Here are my favorite Christmas songs. But this is very important: I really only like these songs when sung by these artists. The combination is essential. I guess Bing Crosby does an okay job with White Christmas, but anyone else singing All I Want for Christmas is You ruins it for me.

And for no particular reason other than it’s absolutely lovely, this has been my favorite for about 3 years now:

Now, I’ll admit, some of these songs I love pretty much only for nostalgia’s sake, some because they’re pretty, and some because I dig their message. But the best ones are the ones that remind me of being a kid at my parents’ house at Christmas, which was always magical. Even if it ever felt like we didn’t get a lot, I always knew that we had a lot.

Do you have an absolute favorite?


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    Jim said,

    Carol of the Bells is hands down the coolest xmas song ever! There’s such a sense of panic and darkness to it.

    Also the new My Morning Jacket xmas song – When the Bells Start Ringing is pretty great.

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