oh now i get it

I’ve been known to get on my high-horse from time to time. Soapbox too. I have opinions! And, your opinions are good too. They are. And they’re cute! But really…let’s all just listen to MY opinions.

Yea that’s me. I do that. Not on purpose! (ahem, please) But, I do that and I hate it. I do that and then I replay the conversation or facial expression over and over in my head until I’ve boiled it down to an interaction where one person opens their mouth to speak and I pummel them with my giant, suffocating, cartoon thought bubbles. Then the regret kicks in.

Because I don’t mean to be that…let’s say…forceful with the things I believe in. I really don’t. All those that have foregone my friendship probably wouldn’t believe me, but deep down, I’m really quite understanding. I try to see it from other people’s perspectives. I work really hard to consider what everyone within earshot might be thinking, feeling, interpreting, comprehending, misunderstanding and/or believing. And what in their lives led them to this point of disagreement? What experiences have they had that have formed their value system? How might my words be affecting or offending them? I think all of these (and more) during my conversations. It’s quite exhausting. Now that I think about it, I probably just get tired and shovel my opinion quickly on top of the other person without listening at all.

All of this to say that the thing I get on my high horse and then climb atop my soapbox the most for is television. Oh the disdain I have for television, don’t even get me started! The commercials! The blank stares! The wasted time! The terrible, awful, uncreative, regurgitated, insulting programming!

So for years, I have refused to pay for cable. I’ll rent a series on dvd when I want to watch it (sans-commercials), but I don’t have that instantaneous turn on the TV and stare at something option. Which is fine by me! YEA! I don’t need TV! I read books and stuff. I make things. YEA!

But see, I started a new job last week. Everything is different. Rather, it’s different from my old job. In fact, it’s very normal. And there’s something about getting up early, sitting in traffic all morning (and all evening!) and wearing shoes that give me blisters. Something about coming home with eyes tired from reading. Something about 8:00 – 5:00 that makes me want to sit and stare at anything on TV when I get home.

Spurned by my own high-horse. I guess it serves me right…


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    Megan S. said,


    sometimes after a hard day of work, you just need to sit down and watching some trashy brainless reality TV. its true.

    Will you please please explain how to do that glass etching thing and also where to buy the glass etching supplies? I’ve decided to give people eched whiskey/wine tumblers for xmas. but now i need to learn how. thank you ever-so.

    • 2

      hey no problemo lady. you can get the etching cream at hobby lobby. (but i don’t think it’s at michaels.) it’s cheap! under $5, i think. it has the directions on it. it’s pretty easy….sorta. i mean it was easy for me, but i didn’t like the way it turned out. basically you just paint the cream on and let it sit. i think you have to leave the cream on for a really long time.

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