This past weekend slash early this week I finished up these pillows that I have been wanting to work on for a while. You might remember I picked up the shirts and ties at Goodwill (for more than I wanted to spend).

blue manpillow

green manpillow

I call them manpillows! I have made pillows similar to this before, but I added the ties this time. For fun, you know. 

Here is how to make your very own manpillow (if you need convincing, let me tell you – they’re great for snuggling):

1. Cut the sleeves and arms off of your button-down shirt.

manpillow step 1

2. Sew down the middle and leave a hole to flip the pillow later. This way your inevitable strip that you have to stitch up at the end will be hidden from view (by the tie). Then I removed all the buttons – I might need them later.

manpillow step 2

 3. Sew on the tie to hold it in place. I didn’t realize until the second pillow that I could have just pinned the tie down and sewn it with the perimeter, but…better safe than sorry.

manpillow step 3

4. Measure equal distrance from the center on each side, mark your sides, and pin. This is only important if you care about precision. If you want a willy-nilly-free-form pillow, then by all means, just skip this step and go for it. Be sure to pin your pillow (and sew it) with the wrong sides facing each other. Don’t skip that one.

manpillow step 4

5. Sew and trim the edges. Then, of course, flip right side out through that hole you left originally.

manpillow step 5

6. Stuff, stitch up  the hole and stitch your tie down. Voila. OH, I also made a little knot in my tie at the last minute.

manpillow finished

And now I’m exhausted. I’m having a bit of a crazy, tiring week. I have way too many things bouncing around my head right now. If I can make any of them sound interesting, I’ll fill y’all in.


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