Well everyone’s doin’ it and so I am too. I headed over to East Austin Succulents this weekend to get some succulents to liven up my home. I’m not sure if I potted them correctly (actually, I’m fairly certain I did something wrong), but they sure look nice. If they make it to Christmas I’ll consider it a success.

succulents arrangement

succulents 1

succulents 2

succulents 3

I put them in little pots from IKEA ($.79 each!) with holes punched in the bottom for drainage (according to the interwebs this is important).

You might notice errant leaves in the pots; I read (in my little research) that if you stick the leaves that fall off back in the soil they might grow a new plant. I’m all for that!

succulents arrangement 2

When I went to clean up the little mess I created, this is what I saw:

dirt heart
Call me silly, I don’t care. That made me smile.


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