help! i’m stuck at my parents’ house

I’ve been stuck here for most of this week and I’m just sick of it! SICK!

I’m mostly kidding, but I guess I have reached that point in adulthood where I’d just rather be in my home than anywhere else. Problem is….there’s no one there but Jack (and he’s a dog for pete’s sake). So I often find myself venturing out into the world (against my better judgment). This week I ventured out to my parents’ house in a flight of fury with Sister M. When she left early the next morning, I decided to stay behind, putting my need to get back to my home in the I’ll-Think-About-It-Later File.

Well here I am. Hangin’ out. Tappin’ my fingers on the table. Drinkin’ sodas. Goin’ to coffee with Grandma. Ok,…it’s not so bad.

Sister J (she lives really close to my parents…really close) and I took it upon ourselves to bake our way into fall last night.

banana bread
pumpkin pie
Then she and her husband carved a pumpkin. Watching them try to come up with a pattern was quite amusing. They’re pretty funny to watch (in the best way).

pumpkin carving

and this picture was candid...

texas pumpkin

Then, of course, we had to roast the seeds. Don’t tell me you don’t do that. I don’t want to know!

pumpkin seeds

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go watch as much TV as I can before I get kindly carted back to my humble home.





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