starting a fall wreath

Tonight Sister M and I are going to work on a fall craft. To get a head start (and to make sure my idea would work out) I started some fabric flowers last night. They are incredibly easy and fun to make because no two are identical. And you can do three in the span of one 30 minute tv show playing on your computer (just guessing).

I followed the tutorial at my sparkle, except I used tshirt material because I just have so many tshirt scraps. Also, I’m a cheap you-know-what.

fabric flowers

Ugh, you’re right – you can see the glue on the brown one. I used that Tacky Glue from Hobby Lobby and I tell you what….fool me once and you and I are through Tacky Glue! Otherwise, I love them. I haven’t decided what my wreath will look like, but I have a couple ideas:

1) Vine wreath almost completely covered with fabric flowers, just like this lovely one at little things bring smiles.

2) Wreath made out of a picture frame, also covered with fabric flowers, as done beautifully at delia creates.

3) Fabric flowers in clumps on the wreath with additional embellishments, like this nice one at our best bites.



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