both sides of these pillows are cool

So I spent most of my weekend making pillows, which was just fine by me.

On Saturday I taught my lil sis (who I’m going to call Lil A) how to sew. She was a natural! When my mom first taught me how to sew I remember being nervously cautious and moving the fabric through the machine very slowly. Lil A sat quietly through my explanation and demonstration and then just went for it. No nerves, no caution – just plowing ahead with confidence. Color me impressed.

We did a very simple square pillow with fabric we picked out a few weeks ago (which gave me time to wash it). I guess we had a lot more fabric to work with than I anticipated because her pillow turned out HUGE. But, for a 10 year old, what could be better than a giant pillow all your own? She was quite happy.

you can’t see her face, but trust me, she’s smilin’

Since I had my sewing machine out and some time on my hands, I decided to finally complete that pillow I meant to work on weeks ago. (Ahhh….so goes my life.)

I started with a very pleasant mood and all of a Sunday afternoon (I’m kind of a slow crafter). Though still on the warm side, it was so much cooler than it has been that I turned off my AC and opened the windows. Look at this lovely sewing spot I set up for myself.

sewing with the windows open is i suppose, in retrospect, not so great for your machine

Oh and I thought you guys might like to see my “sewing box.” It’s a cigar box where I keep my thread, scissors, measuring tape, pins and various other sewing necessities. I kind of really love it. 

cigar box as sewing box

My plan was to use a flannel shirt and that tshirt I painted the quote on to make a pillow. Well, despite my pleasant mood and lovely view, my pillow did not turn out as fabulous as I saw it in my head. However, it did give me the opportunity to make my first pillow case for a pillow form (not so hard!) and try this type of border for the first time (not so pleased).

flannel pillow
and the floppy border mirrored my mood

All I have to say is…hmph. But, on a more positive note, I craftily sewed the strip with the buttons and the strip with the button holes from the front of the shirt on to the back of the pillow for closure – which turned out fabulous!

flannel pillow back

it's a little tight because i was working too hastily by that point to measure properly

Isn’t that how creativity goes? Try some things and learn that they don’t work; try some things and find that they do. I think that’s the part of crafting I love the most and wish that I could translate to my real life – understanding that failures are a necessary part of the process and will actually propel you (if you can learn from them) to success.


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