fabric stenciling with contact paper

I love quotes. I write down things that I hear (or see) that resonate with me. Usually it’s some bit of wisdom that I already try to follow, but often forget. I also come from a long line of quote collectors who like to share their finds with me. Needless to say, I have quotes written down all over the place – in journals, in my day planner, hanging on my walls.

My couch is currently about 5 pillows away from satisfactory luxuriousness so I thought I’d put my quote hoarding to good use.  I wanted the quote to be painted on the pillow and since I have a lot of leftover contact paper from glass-etching I decided to try to make a stencil.

How to make a stencil using contact paper:

1. Create a template – though I suppose you could freehand design your stencil if that’s your style. I wanted my stencil to be uniform so I printed it out in fairly large print.

2. Trace your stencil onto your contact paper. You can see through the contact paper, so you can just lay it on top of your template and trace. However, be VERY CAREFUL and make sure you have the correct side of the contact paper facing up, or your stencil will end up backwards and you will end up angry.

wrong side = frustrated crafter

correct side = happy crafter!

3. Cut out your stencil. Here is where I had to use my exacto knife. Since I was creating a word stencil, I had those little inner parts of letters to cut out. I discarded those for no particular reason. If you want to keep the letters intact be sure to keep those parts for later.

4. Peel your stencil off of the backing and stick to your fabric. It will come as no suprise to you that I used an old tshirt.

5. Paint over your stencil however you like. I painted mine pretty thick, again for no particular reason. But, you could sponge it, lightly brush a coat on, or splatter paint it – do what feels right (in stenciling as in life).

6. Let dry, peel off stencil and you’re done! Rather, you’re finished – you’re not a cake.

"The heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing" - Pascal

Ok, I haven’t completed my pillow yet, but it’s almost there. This is the front and the back is flannel from an old shirt. You’ll love it!


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