hi! hiiiiii…(waves)…hello?

Hi friends! It’s me! Remember me? I make things. I talk about stuff.

Look, I’ve been busy. Really, I have! I would relate all the things I’ve been up to to you, but then you’ll be as bored as I’ve been. I’m sorry! I’ll never leave you again!

I’ve still been makin stuff (of course). I have about 5 projects up in the air at the moment, and I can’t wait to fill y’all in about them all.

In the meantime, I will tell you that I am still working on my rug. Look!

In case you’re curious, I am still taking old tshirts. I would say I’ve put at least 15 shirts in this rug, and as yet, it’s not really rug-size. It is, however, a good size for a confused and uncomfortable dog to sit on and question why I make him do the things I do.

Don’t let those sad eyes fool you, he’s a happy dog.

Recently, I did some goodwill shopping with a couple of pillow projects in mind. I picked up these 3 button-down shirts and 2 ties for the not so stellar price of $28. Don’t you think that’s a bit pricey for GOODWILL? Oh you recession, you get me at every turn.

In related pillow project news, I also worked on making a stencil for another pillow, with the materials you see below. More on this to come later.

Otherwise I’ve been organizing, reading, volunteer training, doing dishes (don’t you hate how as soon as they’re clean, they’re dirty again?), giving ole sad eyes tomato juice baths and perfecting the art of doing my own manicures while watching old seasons of The Wire. See? Busy!


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