livin’ and learnin’

Often when a plan goes awry, people say “you live you learn.”

Well, as far as plans going awry go, I did a lot of livin’ and learnin’ this weekend.

On Saturday, I was very excited to finally paint my chairs red. First, I lined my balcony with so much precision and care that Dexter would be proud.

drop cloths

I wish I could show you what happened next. And I would, except, well….it was bad. Very bad. So bad that I shut the door to the balcony and could not look out there for the rest of the day. Anyway, here is what I learned about spray painting:

1. When you open the spray paint bottle and there is a little white nozzle in the part of the can where the paint is supposed to spray, leave it there. Don’t take it out and throw it away or your paint will come out like splatter paint and you may find yourself confused and very upset.

2. An apartment balcony is not large enough to spray paint a chair. Just accept it and trek your chairs to some greater wide open space where you may spray with ease.

3. Drop cloths and wind are not friends. If it’s fairly windy outside, it’s probably not a good day to try to pin a bunch of large sheets of thin plastic to your outside balcony, even if you’re determined to get your painting done that day. Just let it go.

So after that disaster my sister came over to do some glass etching with me. As far as I could tell it was supposed to be pretty easy. I followed the directions (I swear I did) and ended up with this:

etched bowl

It’s not very good. See how the etching is blotchy and inconsistent? So frustrating! So here is what I learned about glass etching: follow the directions on your glass etching cream, but then leave the stuff on for longer than the directions say.

What else have I learned? When you’re considering either leaving your parents house and sitting through hours of horrible traffic, or waiting until the morning and fighting through hopefully somewhat less traffic…pack your bags and go.


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