everybody’s workin for the weekend

Actually it seems like no one is workin’ this weekend! I was going to go in to work on Monday, but my drive to do so is quickly depleting. Plus, I have so many things I want to do this weekend that I could use the extra day!

1. Painting. I am dying to repaint the windsor chairs my grandma was kind enough to donate to me. I’m going to do them just like these were done over at Kitschy Kitten, except I’m thinking of making mine red. Eek! Wish me luck.

2. Glass Etching. Sister M is coming over on Saturday to work on some glass etching projects with me. I’m not sure what I’m going to etch yet, but I’m thinking I’ll do something for my kitchen-where else do you have so much glass?- similar to these organizational canisters at Pink of Perfection.

3. More Tshirts. I’ve got to pick up more shirts for my rug. I’ve already used about 15 shirts and it’s barely larger than doormat. Hmph! I’m not super pumped about shelling out money for a load of tshirts to cut up and add to my rug, but I’ve pretty much worn out all my tshirt sources so I guess I just have to accept it.

I hope you all have relaxing and fun-filled weekends. Word on the street is that some kind of football something is happening, so if that’s what gets your motor runnin’, congratulations!


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