feed your face

If you look around your internet, you will find (as I have) that there is no dearth of information on how to make homemade facial scrubs with things you can find looking around your kitchen. There is a pretty succinct list of useful ingredients at Homestead Anywhere. At Natural Living for Women they have a great list of which food items are good for which face issues. Once you look around a while you’ll notice that most people recommend the same items.

I’ll go ahead and point out right here that I’m not  a scientist, nor am I a nutritionist. At most I’m a google-and-try-it-ist, but my face hasn’t fallen off yet, so just trust me for a minute.

Now I can tell you, the first time you lean over your kitchen sink and rub honey and oatmeal all over your face, you feel a little odd. A little wrong. A little…(oh I hate to say it)….weird.

But when you rinse your concoction off, dry your face and look in the mirror, you feel a little surprised. A little amazed. A little…(oh I hate to say this too)….pretty!

I’m telling you it works, it’s awesome and best of all, it is so very cheap!

Just to show you that I’ve done it, I’ll share my most recent mix with you. Using what I had on hand, I combined oatmeal, buttermilk, honey, olive oil and lemon.

1. First off, I ground up my oatmeal in my coffee grinder. I have used it whole and I have read recipes which use cooked oatmeal, so this was kind of a compromise between those two.

2. Then I threw in some buttermilk, some honey, some lemon juice, some olive oil and voila.

3. I smeared it on my face for a minute and then let it sit while I did the dishes. My mix turned out a little runny, but that’s the great part – you can’t really screw this up! After about 10 minutes I used some of the remaining mixture to scrub it all off my face with cold water.

here's my hand. i hate it. but i'm sacrificing my vanity for you guys!

I don’t know which ingredient it is in there that does it, but after I use this my pores shrink up to barely noticeable, any little bumps I have are smoothed out and I have an overall softer, glowy face. To be honest, I haven’t ever had such great results from using any store bought masks (and I have bought a lot).

So try it! Feed your face!


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    How easy is it to clean out of beards?

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