twine coasters

Hey friends! You know those things I was going to do this weekend? Well I didn’t. I procrastinated and hemmed and hawwed and did some other stuff instead. There’s always tomorrow, right?

So, remember when we made those lovely twine vases together?

As it turns out, I still have a lot of twine and a lot of glue. When I happened upon these cork coasters at IKEA I knew exactly what to do: twine coasters. Now, you may think I’m overtwinin’ it, but bear with me.

How to make twine coasters:

If you already made twine vases this will be really easy. If you didn’t make the twine vases this will be…still really easy! It just is.

1. You need: twine of your choosing, our new favorite glue WeldBond and some cork circles. I got my coasters at IKEA for super cheapo ( 4 for $0.99), but I’ve purchased them from Hobby Lobby before.

2. Put a dab of glue in the middle of your coaster. Now, it would be really helpful here if you did some mathematics or graphing or some sort of figurin’ out the middle of your coaster. That way your twine spiral can be centered. If you’re not a “measure twice cut once” kind of person, then you can do as I did and throw caution to the wind, wing it and then just bemoan your uncentered twine.

3. Take your twine and start a little spiral. I spiraled it as much as I could before it started to lose shape, at which point I stuck it on the glue.

vanity got the best of me and i had to crop my fingers out. don’t you think close-ups of fingers are kind of weird?

4. Now just add glue, spiral your twine around, add glue, spiral twine until you get to the edge (at which point you’ll see what I mean about it being centered or not). Once you’re at the edge, put some glue on the outer perimeter so you may finish the sides with twine as well.

once again, i'm probably over-gluing.


almost finished!

5. Carefully wrap your twine around the edge, press firmly to make sure the end sticks really well, let it dry and you’re finished!

If you’re thinking that this is too much twine, well I think you’re wrong! Just look at it sitting comfortably under this coffee cup.

Actually you may be right. I think I need a break from twine. I’m just about tired of tshirts too. I sense a new material obsession on the horizon…


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