poster printing can be a pain in the pancreas

Let’s say you have a poster that you would like to copy. Let’s say you have an interesting fabric that you would like to turn into a poster. Let’s say last year for Christmas you made posters for everyone in your family and you want to have copies of them for yourself (if they haven’t already been relegated to landfills).

You can do that! But it’s a little more complicated than you might imagine.

If your poster is large or textured (or large and textured) you might not be able to just walk into your local Fedex/Kinkos and get a copy made. You might find yourself throwing a fit that goes something like: “Oh…reaaaally Kinkos, you can’t copy this? Kinkos CAN’T make a copy? YOU’RE telling ME you won’t copy this KINKOS?!”

Ahem. To save you some strife, here is what I’ve recently learned. I had two posters I wanted to copy – both about 20” x 12” and both made by gluing construction paper and other materials onto posterboard. 


"sing out"

How to make a color copy of a large or textured poster:

1. Fedex/Kinkos can do it if your poster is flat and can roll through their scanner. They don’t have a large enough flat bed scanner (like the one you would find on a copier in an office) to make a color scan of a large poster. I was able to get my Birches scanned there (because it was flatish and could bend), but not my Sing Out Poster (too stiff). The scan alone cost about $22, but it looked great!

2. So, I called around town looking for someone with a flatbed color scanner large enough for my poster. One guy suggested I just take a picture of it. It turned out….ok, but not exactly what I wanted.

3. After griping around at work about it someone suggested Miller Blueprint Co. They could do it! The men there were so nice and helpful. They tried their best to get me a cheap scan, but my poster was too big. The scan cost $18.50 – cheaper than Kinkos (and no fit).

sing out

The scans turned out just as I imagined (which is always gratifying), and now I can print my posters multiple times and in different sizes.  What could you turn into a poster? Something one of your children created in school? Some interesting piece of tapestry? Something you painted on a whim? Anything! You’ll love it.


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