tshirt yarn

Last week I made some tshirt yarn for the first time. It was fun and super easy – perhaps because I followed this very helpful tutorial at Polka Dot Pineapple. I’m not going to repeat it here because I really don’t have much to add, but I encourage you to go check it out.

So some of the tshirts that started like this:

ahem...uh...picked at random of course.

were cut up into one clever long strip that looked this:

and then were stretched and rolled into a lovely little balls like this:

Like I said, super easy. Here are some notes that will help you out if you’ve never tried this before.

1) Remember when you pull the strips they shrink up (in width). I thought my strips at 1 1/2 to 2 inches wide were big until I pulled them and thought they were small. I wanted big yarn for my forthcoming tshirt rug.

2) You don’t get as much yarn out of a shirt as you might think (if your strips are as wide as mine). So even though your tshirt yarn ball stack may make you feel like you’ve got a lot to work with, you may not get very far with each color. If you’re planning a big project, I would make sure to have a number of similarly colored shirts so you don’t get weird short patches of one color.

3) After you are finished creating yarn, take a look at what you have left over. The top of your shirt can serve a purpose too. I cut the sleeves off all the tshirts I used and had a nice little stack of rags to add to my rag box (to cut down on paper towel use).

Of course you know I kept the other scraps too. I can promise you will see them again at some point.

This yarn is very versatile. You could make a million things! The sky’s the limit! Seriously, use your imagination. You can cut your strips skinny and have tshirt yarn that’s just about the size of regular yarn; or you can cut your strips really wide and create something bulky and sturdy. While I was stretchin and rollin my tshirt yarn balls I started imagining headbands and bracelets and bags and all sorts of interesting tshirt concoctions. What would you make?


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    Mary Jane said,

    This is awesome! What a wonderful way to reuse all of those t-shirts I can’t bear to give away to Goodwill, but have definitely outgrown. You are genius!

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