this weekend

This weekend I’m going to be (finally) working on my rag rug. I’m very excited. I’m going to make it out of old tshirts (remember?), which I’ve already transformed into tshirt yarn – more on that on Monday. So far, it looks like my first rag rug will be a greenish blue combination.

tshirt yarn

Do you have extra maps laying around? (or is it lying around…?) Oh geez. It’s lying. Starting over…

HEY! Do you have extra maps lying around? I have stumbled across a number of different crafty projects involving maps. If you don’t know what a map is, it’s a paper version of that GPS thing that tells you where to go.

Map coasters – Leave it up to ole Martha Stewart to come up with something simple and useful. These coasters look super easy to make.

Map envelopes – Great idea at Incredible Things! Put the addressee and return address as destinations into Google and then use the picture to make an envelope.

Map covered dresser – Over at Domestic Ease there is this lovely map covered dresser. This looks fairly easy – and uses Mod Podge, which I always have – and I like the way the map placement doesn’t have to be exact. In fact, I think I may be using this idea to transform my filing cabinet soon.

I hope you all are enjoying a great weekend and doing the things that make you smile.


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