twine vases

Yesterday I asked my dad what he was going to do on his Sunday afternoon. His response: “I think I’ll do nothing, because….well, I’m good at it.” He wasn’t lying. He excelled at doin nothing all day, except when he and I banded together on a noble quest to rid the house of all Oreos – for the good of the family.

When I wasn’t helping my dad defeat the evil cookie forces I spent some time making these twine vases.

twine bottles

Aww, that’s very nice of you to say. I think they’re lovely too.

My crafty coworker brought me all the materials and know-how to create these. They’re pretty easy, but I can tell you from personal experience that if you try to make too many in one sitting without any company or weirdos to assist you, you might get bored.

Step One – You need some empty bottles, some twine or rope, and some glue. I used  WeldBond based on my dad’s recommendation. It worked great. (That guy knows everything.)




Step Two – Basically you just wrap your twine around your bottle, gluing as you go. I found it best to work in small sections – add a little glue, wrap a little twine, press and smoosh together, repeat.

twine bottle 2

twine bottle 3

(this is a bit blurry because fancy cameras outsmart me)

twine bottle 4


A few things I wish I had known before I started –

(1) I think it looks better if you completely wrap the mouth of the bottle. When I got to the top of the first bottle I worked on, I stopped at the lip. I think it looks unfinished this way. Compare:


I went back and fixed that later.

(2) If you don’t smoosh it down every few rows you might end up with a gap between your twine that no real person will ever notice but will make you feel like a twine bottle makin failure.

(3) Don’t try to pull the twine too tightly on the neck because it will want to slip up the neck and you’ll get the aforementioned gaps (gasp!).

(4) You don’t need to use A LOT of this glue (as I did). Just a little will work great.

So after all that gluing and wrapping and smooshing (well it SHOULD be in the dictionary) and peeling glue off your fingers, stick something floral in it and enjoy!

twine bottles


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    Courtney said,

    Hey!!! So, I like your stuff. And today, I made this stuff. Well, I made one wine bottle vase thingy. I have to tell ya, as soon as I got to the neck of the bottle, I was ready to throw the whole thing at the wall. But, I managed to finish it. 🙂 You’re helping to keep my unemployed butt sane!! Thanks, friend!

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