if you find yourself bored this weekend…

you could work on one of these projects!

if you’re like one of my sisters, you could make this really cute birthday board to organize all the birthdays you have to remember, which will help you avoid all of those awkward conversations that start with “of course i know it’s your birthday this weekend…” – lollyjaneboutique

if you’re like my other sister, you might want to try any number of projects that involve mason jars. she made these really neat single serving pies in mason jars a couple of weeks ago. the mason jar serves the added purpose of giving you  a convenient and non-messy way to stir your cool whip into your pie. – notmartha

if you’re like my crafty coworker, then you might be interested in trying to repurpose an old tie as a necklace or possibly a collar for an otherwise uninteresting shirt. – westernmanfam

and if you want to just watch real housewives of something or other all weekend, well that’s cool too.


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