some stuff i’ve been workin on for way too long

so i have this lovely bag that i pretty much take with me wherever i go. it’s my craft bag and its purpose is to give me something productive to do when i have downtime.

ready to go

ready to go - computer bag, purse, craft bag and i never leave home without a cardigan.

here’s the thing – the three projects that sit in that bag have been sitting in there for quite some time. if my little craft projects have souls, then these three poor babies have probably given up all hope of ever having meaningful lives and fulfilling their destinies. don’t despair uncompleted projects! it will happen for you one day (hopefully maybe fingers crossed).

exhibit a: a very soft blanket i started making for a charitable organization but then decided i liked so much that i should keep it for myself. don’t judge! karmic retribution has struck me in the form of a lack of any motivation to ever work on it. but, if i dedicated myself to it, i think i could have it finished by the end of the year.

half of a blanket

secondly: i have a pair of socks i started making because i decided it was something i should learn to do. i didn’t even get to the heel before every other project i happened upon seemed more enticing than working on these darn socks. (he he)

unfinished socks

act three: punchneedle christmas decoration thingy. my parents bought me a kit to make this really nice punchneedle christmas picture thing…3 years ago. yep, this is how much progress i’ve made in all that time.


look how close i am to being finished! i only have to fill in the yellow/gold portion. geeeez. i WILL get this finished in time for christmas.

do you ever find this happening to you – ongoing crafts that you COULD complete but you CAN’T complete for some reason?

i was feeling really bad about my uncompleted projects until i thought back on this conversation i had with my gramanie once. (shoutout – hey gramanie!)

gramanie & a baby

so i was telling my gramanie that i was having a really hard time plowing through a book that i had started, and how i just felt that i had to finish it because well, you know,…i started it. she looked at me calmly and said matter-of-factly:

“life is too short to read books you don’t enjoy.”

i’m fairly certain she would say the same about crafts. no regrets. sorry socks!


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  1. 1

    Anne said,

    just don’t let yourself devote an entire shelf to unfinished stuff…I give myself about 5 years. If it hasn’t motivated me enough to finish-I take it apart-or throw it out-or give it away unfinished. I once filled the back of my Suburban with mostly finished-but not yet usable stuff…how ridiculous!

  2. 3

    Megan S. said,

    On a related note, I finally finished The Nine. It took me 2.5 years to finish it (i.e., the entirety of my relationship with TBear), and the only reason I started reading it was because all the cool kids i know (you, Julie, Steph) read it and were talking about it together and I felt The Peer Pressure to read it. I loved it, but I would read one chapter and feel satisfied that I read something intelligent…. then, I would put it down for the next 4 months… until I felt guilt about not finishing it, then I would read a chapter…. and so on and so forth.

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