the so easy it’s ridiculous tshirt scarf

i have made a lot of scarves in my day. two years ago i made one for everyone in my family. then i made a few more after that. i’m talking about……(counting)…….15 scarves. at least! hopefully one day i’ll get most of them posted on here.

the thing about knitting or crochetting a scarf, for me, was that it usually took A WHILE, and quite a bit of effort, so i was dismayed at how swiftly i was able to churn this sucker out.

tshirt scarf

the scarf so easy to make it will make you wonder what else have i been doing the hard way?

i got the idea to make this from a friend at work who was interested in trying it – but i beat her to it. she got the idea for the scarf from method home’s blog. she had to listen to me talk all morning about how simple and easy it is. i expect to see one on her immediately. (you know who you are.)
i actually made this scarf while my family was setting up to play a card game. it’s that fast. here goes:
step one – get a shirt. i picked this lovely bright orange tshirt i had because i thought it would be a good “pop” color to go with simple outfits. yep, i just said that.

bright orange shirt

step two – cut your shirt into horizontal strips. you don’t need the hem and you don’t need to go above where the sleeves attach. i cut my strips about an inchish wide each, but really i eyeballed it so it’s pretty uneven (which appeals to me).

cut up shirt

step three – pick up your strips of tshirt and stretch them so they roll on themselves naturally. this isn’t hard at all, but if it feels overwhelming find a couple of weirdos to help you.

a couple of weirdos

weirdo on the left is about to stretch her tshirt strip. weirdo on the right has already stretched hers.

step 4 – just kidding. there’s no step 4. you’re finished! i told you it was easy as pie. i actually mentioned that it was easy as pie after i made it and started a discussion about whether pie really is easy. my family will argue anything.

lookie here, here’s your pile o’ tshirt strips:

tshirt strips

now you can take those strips and do with them what you will. i tried a bunch of different combinations but settled on twisting the strips together before wrapping it over my head twice.

tshirt scarf

the thing i love about it (besides the easy pie thing) is that it’s ripe for variation. you could cut the strips so they aren’t loops and add beads. you could do a mix of colors. you could use a longer tshirt for a longer scarf. try it. seriously. now that you know how easy it is i expect to see one on you immediately too!


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  1. 1

    mary said,

    it looked great on you, but I don’t think I could pull it off. Wish I could though. the description (steps) look easy to follow…way to go!

  2. 3

    Kara said,

    Love it! I think I’ll need to borrow you (and your wierdos) to help me though…

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