hey, here’s a stack of tshirts for ya

i put out a call to friends and family and coworkers for old tshirts, and wow, i got some! actually one dude from work gave me his OOOLD tshirts and then my grandma donated a bunch to my cause – but it turned out to be a lot.

tshirt pile

i went through them to see what i was dealing with and found some gems. i immediately gave one of the shirts back to my grandma and told her i just couldn’t possibly cut it up because i remember her wearing it so much. she admitted she had a hard time giving it up so i forced it back on her. take that grandma! (she took it.)

but oh! check out this awesome piece of apparel which i shall shortly be sporting:


"drug free youth in texas"

i also found two shirts from colleges i attended. they were both in too good of shape to cut up. you’ll see those later when i decide what to do with them.

so i organized and folded the rest of the shirts into a lovely stack which awaits a future as a rag rug.


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  1. 1

    mary said,

    I like this picture the best…stacked and ready to go. Can’t wait to see how the rug turns out.

  2. 2

    raincitywest said,

    Such a great idea! Please post pics when the rug is finished.

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